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2018 Membership Application

    Cumberland Valley Chapter

    Society for Human Resource Management



    Thank you for your interest in CV-SHRM.  We are an organization dedicated to educating Human Resource professionals and providing a means of networking with others in the Human Resources field.  To apply for membership, complete this application and submit your membership fee of $40 for SHRM National Members for $50 for non-national members.  All applications are subject to approval by the chapter’s Board of Directors.  Once this form is completed forward it to:


    Cumberland Valley SHRM

    P.O. Box 1186

    Hagerstown, MD 21741-1186


                            [ ] New Membership                    [ ] Renewal of Membership



    Name:_____________________________    [  ] SHRM-CP  [  ]  SHRM-SCP  [  ] PHR  [  ] SPHR    Phone # (      )___________________                            


    Company Name: _____________________________________     Fax # (      )______________________


    Address: ________________________________City, State, Zip:  _______________________________\


    Email: ______________________________________________________________________________


    Are you a national SHRM member?   [  ] Yes    [  ] No     Member number:________________________


    Membership level:  Pleas check one.  (The description of eligibility requirements for each level is on the reverse side of this form.)


    [  ]  Full regular member                   [  ]   Associate member                      [  ] Student member


    Position Title: ___________________  [  ] Exempt   [  ] Non-exempt    e-mail:_____________


    Please describe your major job responsibilities ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    What percentage of time from your normal, assigned weekly job duties is spent in HR:  ____%


    What industry/business do you work in:  ___________________________________________


    How many years have you worked in Human Resources (in any capacity)?  1.) Manager___yrs

    2.)  Adminisrator____yrs   3.)  Assistant ___yrs    4.) Other:  specify: _____________/____yrs


    Please check one or more offices or committees that you would be interested in serving on:

                [  ]President          [  ]Vice President          [  ]Secretary          [  ]Treasurer

                [  ]Newsletter       [  ]Wage & Benefit        [  ]Certification

    [  ]  Editor           [  ]  Survey Chairperson  [  ]  Chairperson


                [  ]Membership     [  ]Legislative                [  ]Diversity          [  ]Education

                [  ]Student Chapter Affiliation                    [  ]School to Work Program


    Signature:_____________________________________________  Date:_________________


    Referred by: _________________________________________________________________




    STATEMENT OF CHAPTER ETHICS:  Neither members nor guests of CV-SHRM will be permitted to use their membership or guest privileges at CV-SHRM meeting to further their own financial gain and/or career aspirations.  Such conduct is considered by this Chapter to be unprofessional, inappropriate, and unacceptable.  Those engaging in such conduct may face having their membership or guest privileges suspended by the Chapter.


    EXERPT FROM CHAPTER BY-LAWS 9Article III, Section 2 – Membership Levels)


    1. Full Regular Member

                Those eligible for applying for Full, Regular membership include:

    • Those who devote at least 50% of their time to Human Resources and/or Industrial Relations activities.
    • Those who possess at least three years exempt-level human resource management experience.


                      Full Regular members shall:

    1. Have voting rights (one vote) on any matter of chapter business.    
    2. Be eligible to seek election to and hold any office, serve as a Committee Chairman or member, and be eligible to be a member of the Board of Directors.


    1. Associate Member

                Those eligible for applying for Associate membership include:

    • Those persons actively engaged in bonafide Human Resource work and who devote at least 30% of their time to Human Resource and/or Industrial Relations activities.
    • Individuals in non-exempt human resource management positions.
    • Persons having the primary responsibility for HR activities in small organizations where there may not be a discreet HR function.  These shall, in special circumstances, be eligible for membership in this category, regardless of the amount of time devoted to HR activities.
    • Non-practitioners having an interest in the HR profession and the activities of our chapter.  These individuals must be eligible for membership in National SHRM in order to be eligible for Associate membership in the Cumberland Valley Chapter.


                      Associate members shall:

    1. Have voting rights on matters of chapter business.
    2. Be eligible to serve on any of the standing committees.       


    1. Student Members

          1.  Student members are defined as an individual enrolled in an accredited two or four year      college (or above) who have the desire to pursue a career in the HR profession.

          2.  Student Member shall:

                      a.  Not have voting rights on the matters of chapter business.

                      b.  Be eligible to serve on any of the standing committees for educational purposes.





    Date of Presentation to Board of Directors: ______________  Date Applicant Notified: ______________


    ACTION TAKEN:     [  ] Approved                   [  ] Denied               [  ] Deferred pending more info: