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Chapter Membership and Dues Information

    CVSHRM Membership Information

    We are excited that you are considering joining our organization! In addition to reviewing the website information, please review our Chapter By Laws.

    For those who are not presently members of CVSHRM and are interested in joining our chapter or for those who would like to renew their annual CVSHRM membership --  we offer two membership dues options:

    1. The 2021 membership fee (annual dues) is $40 for National SHRM members and $50 for Non-national members.  Your membership is non-transferrable.  The membership fee does not include monthly meetings ($20/$25 meeting), conferences, such as the CVSHRM Diversity extended meeting and the CVSHRM Employment Law & Legislative Conference. Now through May 2021 all virtual meetings will be free to members.

    2. The 2021 CVSHRM full year fee is $180.00 for National SHRM members and $225 for non-National members. This includes membership fee/annual dues ($40 or $50) and the cost of each monthly meeting ($20 or $25 per meeting). There are 8 monthly meetings per year, therefore, by paying the full year fee, you will save $20 or $25! Your membership is non-transferrable. The full year fee does not include conferences, such as CVSHRM's Legal & Legislative Conference. The meeting fee for May will be applied to the Diversity meeting and the attendee will pay the difference from the meeting fee.

    To pay by check return the membership application and payment to:

    Cumberland Valley SHRM                                                                                                                           PO Box 1186
    Hagerstown, MD 21741-1186

    To pay online via paypal below and email your completed application (new members ONLY) to:

    CVSHRM Membership Levels
    Annual Dues & 8 Monthly Meetings