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    When Domestic Violence Comes to Work

    Date: December 12, 2014, 7:30am – 9:30am
    Spring Hill Suites - 17280 Valley Mall Road Hagerstown MD
    $15 Members/ $20 Non Members -
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    1. Definitions
    2. Why the workplace is often the location other than home
    3. How violence affects a companies bottom line
    4. The effect of violence on the targeted employee and co-workers
    5. Statistics
    6. Video: (15 minutes)
    7. Characteristics of abusers
    8. Employer steps to reduce workplace violence

                A.  Policy

                B.  Training

                C.  On-site precautions

    9.   Possible video highlighting workplace incident with company owner (4 min)

    10.  Resources

     Q & A


    Toni Bowie




    Toni Bowie is the owner of MaxLife, LLC.  Through education, training and coaching, MaxLife helps companies and individuals to maximize their potential.  Toni brings over 20 years of coaching, training, and counseling experience to the organization.

    Toni’s experience with the prevention of sexual harassment and sexual assault began over 20 years ago when she was an active member of committees delegated to write policies and procedures for violence prevention on the collegiate campus.  Domestic violence prevention was added to this list when she began developing and conducting mandatory violence prevention training for military personnel with whom she has facilitated over 100 trainings registering over 1,800 class participants. Toni continues to facilitate workplace violence prevention workshops for businesses, agencies, and community organizations.

    MaxLife’s additional areas of training and coaching include diversity and inclusion, human resource initiatives, professional development, career advancement and stress management.

    Toni holds an M.S. in psychology from Hood College, a B.A in communications from Mississippi State University, she is a certified professional coach and is working towards certification as a conflict mediator.

    For more information, visit MaxLife at or email Toni at